Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Lilac and Matte Turquoise Nails

This is a quick and easy springtime nail, that looks cool even if it isn't perfect. All you need are a couple of pretty shades of polish, and some washi tape. 

I used a lilac essie color and a matte turquoise color by Maybelline. The matte color really adds a cool dimension to the tips of the nails. 

Start with your base coat, and add a second coat if it is still a little sheer. 

Tape off the tips of your nails, after they have dried, in little triangle shapes. 

Be sure to take the tape off just as the paint is drying, but before it is completely dry. This will keep your lines more clear. The matte nail polish dries really quickly, so you will need to remove the tape almost as soon as you finish painting. 

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter Y'all

I hope you all have a beautiful and happy Easter, or just a lovely Sunday if you're not celebrating. I'll be heading down to my family's house today to eat delicious food and catch up with everyone I haven't seen in a while! I haven't been able to dye any eggs this year, but here are a few lovely ones that I've had my eye on lately. Perhaps if you get a last minute crafty whim you could whip some of these up!

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Outfit Details

It's been so nice to have a bit of free time to do some blogging this week. I've been so incredibly busy, and it seems like things won't be winding down any time soon. I'm very ready for the summer, but not so much for the heat. 
I wore this outfit the other day while photographing for the agate necklace tutorial, and thought I would do a quick post about it. I wore a floral vintage dress, a vintage crochet vest, my agate necklace, knee high socks from Urban Outfitters, and my cut off boots from Target. It was a little colder than it has been that day, so I covered up a little more. On days where it has been warm enough, I've been wearing mostly skater dresses, a cardigan, and flats. It's a little boring, but it's nice to just not be in heavy coats all the time. 

Lately I've just been throwing my hair up into a ponytail or bun almost everyday, and pinning or braiding my bangs over to the side. I'm trying to grow them out. 

Are you ready for warmer months and spring clothes? What will you be wearing?

Thursday, April 17, 2014

DIY Agate Pendant Necklace

I love agate slices. I really love gemstones of all kinds, and the healing properties they boast. I don't really buy into all of the lore of gemstones, but the stories and feeling they give off add a nice something to wearing them. I mostly love them for the effortless earthy beauty they add to any look. This necklace is incredibly easy to make, so if you're just starting out with jewelry making, this is one for you. 

You need: Scissors, a chain, various sizes of jump rings, a lobster claw, pliers, and mini agate slices. I purchased mine from amazon here, and they already had the little holes drilled in the top. You can also buy all of the other necessary supplies in any craft store, or on amazon.

First choose your agate slice. I chose this pretty purple one, and I also made a lovely blue one for my friend for her birthday. :)

Add one or two jump rings to the hole. If your slice doesn't already have a hole, you can drill one in.

Cut your chain to an appropriate length. Add a jump ring to the end of the chain, and a lobster claw. Slide your new pendant onto the chain. 

Add one more jump ring to the other end of the chain, and your necklace is finished!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Fishtail Updo

I had a chance to try out some pretty braids on my lovely friend Kyra, and I thought I would show you guys what I did. This hair style is really easy, but easier with a friend. If you can french braid and fishtail braid, you will be able to do this easily. It just takes a little patience and a lot of bobbypins. 

I used some bobby pins, small hair elastics, and Organix Sea Mineral Moisture shimmering spray. This stuff smells seriously good, and adds a little body and shine to your hair. 

It's best to start out on some textured, dirty hair. Spray your roots with dry shampoo if they're oily. If your hair is clean, spray some beach spray and scrunch it in, then blowdry the product into it. 

Part your hair into two sections, and pin one side away.

Begin french braiding a pigtail along the side of your head, and all the way to the neck. 

Once you get to the neck, add a hair elastic, and then finish the rest of the braid off with a fishtail braid. Remove your hair elastic and add one to the end. Separate your braids a bit to make them a little messier. Undo the other side of hair and do the same with it.

Place your tails around the back of your head, or if your hair is super long, you can twist them around or wrap them around the top of your head. Pin where it looks best, and you're all done!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Artist Crush // Jiha Moon

Yesterday I had the privilege of visiting an art exhibit entitled "Foreign Love", by the artist Jiha Moon. I fell completely in love with her use of folk art and pop art iconography, as well as her use of mixed media in her art, such as fake hair, fabric patches, embroidery, beads, and other awesome stuff. This exhibit was totally my style. Moon was born in Korea, and uses visual icons and symbols from all sorts of cultures, making them bigger and bolder (more American?) and blending the boundaries between advertisements and art. Check out her stuff and I'm sure you will fall in love as well :)

These weavings made out of fake hair really had me excited. Apparently they are part of a traditional Chinese dress, worn on belts, but Moon made them bigger and better and added pops of neon and funky beads. They are so neat to look at!

The rest of my photos are of little details in her massive and jumbled bodies of work that really caught my eye. 

Is this a Liger?

I love that fortune. :)

Check out the rest of Jiha Moon's work on her website.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Easy DIY Sewing Projects

Since I made that DIY clutch the other day, I've had simple sewing projects on the brain. Especially ones that incorporate leather in some way. Because I'm still as busy as ever, I thought I would share another little roundup until I can post again. Hopefully this will put you in the mood to create as well! Have you seen any good sewing projects lately? Feel free to share in the comments!